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(2021, BOOM! Studios / Archaia)

Script by: Jeff Jensen

Inks and colors by: Gegê Schall

Lettering by: AndWorld Design

In 1861, America is at a crossroads. Abraham Lincoln, the man tasked with healing the nation, and his family are the targets of a conspiracy to assassinate them. Their safety – and the future of the American experiment – hinges on the success of a new kind of lawman, known by a word still novel in the culture: detective.

But there was only one detective whose extraordinary cleverness, versatility and mystery made them a singular individual who could save the Lincolns. Her name was Kate Warne. This is the true story of America’s first woman detective, who saved the life of her country’s greatest president and changed the course of history forever.

(2021-22, IMAGE COMICS)


Script by: Jeremy Holt

Inks and colors by: Gegê Schall

Lettering by: Adam Wollet

STEP 1: Remove box.
STEP 2: Power on.
STEP 3: Raise your child.

For Jesse, the world’s first true A.I. system, growing up means learning to think outside the box. This exciting new six-issue miniseries will redefine what it means to be a family in an age when biological parenthood is no longer a reality.



Script by: Dan Goldman

Inks and colors by: Gegê Schall

Lettering by: AndWorld Design

Chasing Echoes is a heartfelt and offbeat tale about dysfunctional family dynamics,

self-discovery and rebirth in the wake of loss.

Malka, the black sheep of her family, learns that her relatives are making a decades-in-the-planning pilgrimage to their grandfather’s pre-Holocaust home in Poland...and she wasn’t invited. After guilt-tripping herself a ticket as the self-appointed “Keeper of the Family Archives,” it becomes clear that everyone’s brought more baggage than just their suitcases.



Script by: Shaun Simon

Inks by: Conor Nolan

Colors by: Meg Casey

Lettering by: Mike Fiorentino

When Hexley Daggard Ragbottom sets off to find his Uncle Salazar, he expects to find the most powerful wizard of the modern age. Instead, he finds Uncle “Sally” only wants to kick back, relax, and stay clear of any kind of wizard politics. So how is Hex supposed to become a great wizard if all the adults are too lazy to teach him? Shaun Simon (The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys) and Conor Nolan (Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Giants) present a humorous look at magic, family and just kicking back.

For this series, I've developed the logo, a few covers and several easter egg pages non-related to the story and heavily focused on world-building.



Script by: Ricardo Hirsch and Gegê Schall

Inks, colors and lettering by: Gegê Schall

"Hitomi is a small child living in a village in the suburbs of 1980's Japan. Her father is constantly traveling and absent, and her relationship with her mother is complicated. Her quiet and boring life is about to change, though, as Hitomi stumbles upon a photo camera with special properties. The artifact will lead her into a journey of self-knowledge and personal growth, as Hitomi finds new ways to explore her world, meeting new people, unveiling her own artistic expressions and learning to deal with old and new life issues, emotions and intense dillemas. This work is inspired by classic eastern narrative styles - displayed in comics, animation and film - and it tells a tight and touching, lovely illustrated story. The result is a published novel that is universally appealing and will captivate any audience who lays eyes on it."



Script and cover by: Claudia Senlle

Inks and colors by: Gegê Schall

Lettering by: Gegê Schall


"Vengeance is a dish better sucked cold...or hot? To the Moschitto family - the most traditional and respected one in the mosquito italian mafia - that won't really matter. What only matters is that "family always comes first", and now that the newest member of the famiglia has been brutally murdered by a human being, the Moschitto are willing to suck their nemesis until there's no blood drop left!"



Script by: Hector Lima and Pablo Casado

Inks and colors by: Gegê Schall and Felipe Cunha

Lettering by: Gegê Schall and Pablo Casado

"A graphical 'novela'. Or something like that.
Olívia Ribeiro's got her days numbered. She's just got pregnant and it's Luís Paulo's - her boss - child. She has her eyes on the money that Luís' spoiled wife, Mônica, is about to inheritage.

Olívia's soon-to-come murder line the main narrative of Sabor Brasilis, current prime time soup opera aired in Brazil's biggest television network. However, Callado - the showrunner - has no idea of how to solve the intricate puzzles that his protagonist's death will bring to the table, a revelation that will drop like a bomb on Helena, Lauro, Matheus, and Zulu, his writer team. The clock is ticking, and the team will have their talents put to the test as they atempt to build a striking finale in two months to save Sabor Brasilis from being a huge flop in the network's history."

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