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Directors Guild of Canada

2 nominations

Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival

Jury Award Winner

Canadians Screen Awards

2 nominations

(2014-15, O2 FILMES)

ZOOM layers
Assista agora

Zoom (2015) is a feature film created and directed by Pedro Morelli which contains 23 minutes of rotoscopic acid-colored comics-style animation which I had the pleasure to work in during about 1 year entirely, between 2014 and 2015. 

My job went from doing art direction and concepts for the animation itself to drawing most of the backgrounds and coordinating a team alongside animation director Adams Carvalho to get the job done.

We strived to build a striking comicbooky style to the rotoscopic animation. After much study, we ended up with hand-drawn unique visuals unlike anything ever done before in the animation industry.

As Alison Pill's character would draw her comic book in the movie, our animation would depict the different stages of the comic book process, so we'd have very sketchy pencil-drawn looks alongside more polished inked and colored looks for later parts in the film.

Below, a few examples of the style and animation changes along with the plot's evolution.

The animation process took six months, while pre-produtcion time extended through about two years.

Zoom has been nominated to multiple awards since its debut - including Best Visual Effects at the Canadian Screen Awards.


Short animation for a six-part ad campaign for the new Suzuki Vitara.

I also made the paper textures and assets for the 5th film in the sequence.

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